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September 25, 2008


OMG this recipe sounds absolutely delicious. I wish it wasn't so late in the evening or I would be at the grocery getting the ingredients right now! Including the ice cream because everyone knows that you cannot eat cobblers and crisps without ice cream!

Wow, this looks and sounds amazing! I love crisps so I'll be bookmarking this one to try this fall.

Your crisp looks fabulous!

out of all the fruit desserts--cobbler, crisp, pie, galette, crumble, etc, etc--i think i like crisps the best. yours looks sensational. :)

grace: Thank you. I always forget about crisps, so enamored am I by pies, but they are really good. And quicker to make.

Ann: Why, thank you. Tastespotting didn't think so.

Tracey: Good luck. Enjoy!

Lauren Harrington: So glad you agree. I love how the ice cream melts over the warm crisp, mmmmmm.

Made this to rave reviews! I'd take a crisp over a pie any day (ducking). At the last minute, I realized I didn't have almonds, so substituted pecans. Also realized that I didn't have ice cream, so went with whole milk yogurt instead (ducking again!)

That said, it certainly seemed appropriate to eat the leftovers for breakfast. :)

First off, thanks for the shout-out and for not standing us up (had I known that we were competing with the Farmer, I would have done the right thing and canceled). The apple crisp was as amazing as the photograph, and if you had left me alone (with my shame) to eat an entire jar of your pickles, I would have been thrilled.

The Esteemed Harrison3: We'll have you guys over again soon to finish off the jar!

Andrea: So glad you liked it! At first, I was appalled by your use of yogurt, but then it made your breakfast-crossover idea seem brilliant. Until I remembered that you can still have crisp with actual ice cream for breakfast if you just don't tell anybody.

I made this crisp two days in a row for different sets of guests and it was a huge hit both times. So tasty and great for breakfast as well. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

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