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September 03, 2008


that happened to me when I was in college. I lent my bike to my roommate who was sick and needed to bike to the doctors. she forgot to lock it, and had to take a taxi back home. she didn't even apologize about it. And more recently my neighbor, who keeps her bike locked to the fence in her driveway had the wheels stripped from her bike. unless i wanted to keep my bike in my apt. at all times, i guess i won't be owning a bike for a while. Sucks that you lost them. I used to work for a shipping company in nyc and id say about half the employees biked to work, which made me all kinds of jealous.

You passed up a free bike? You better tell your husband he owes you a bike now!

And thanks for the video. Great song, and it allowed me to fill my daily quota of psychedelia all in one fell swoop :)

There's nothing like bicycle love. Mine was NOT free, but it sure is pretty: candy apple red antique Raleigh with fenders, a chrome basket and a cheery bell. Don't give up, there's a free bicycle for you out there somewhere.

For free bikes, we would have been totally cool with you being late. Plus I know how fond of bicycle rides your husband is.

Use my bike for October! It has a basket on the front and a nice comfy seat- perfect for a trip to russo's. only thing is ... that is hill is a bitch!! you know the one. It is yours if you want.

You'd bike in Boston? You're far braver than I. From what I can see, the drivers in this city like to menace pedestrians, but when it comes to cyclists, they're out for blood.

Your husband = bad.
In five years you can have a conversation:
"Remember those two free bikes you wouldn't let me stop for?"
"I still think you're a putz."

CC: To be fair, it was more a matter of me anticipating a fight rather than actually having one. Although we definitely would have had one. Still, I blame myself for taking the stupid, easy way out. And then I threw something through a plate glass window!

Adele: I wouldn't ride around Boston. I would be killed. Still, the drivers 10 miles west are just as crazy, so that's why I'd like to stick to the bike path, if possible. Until I become hardened and road-rage-ish myself.

Sarah: Seriously? Wow. Guess I better start working out again.

Keep hope alive: Five years ago, we were going to buy bikes for each other for Christmas, but it never happened. Probably because he hates biking. And I suspected that mine might not see much use, either, with a newborn. That's why I like free. Free doesn't judge. Free doesn't scold.

Cornelia: You've painted the perfect picture. A girl has to have dreams.

Whatacard: Who passes up not one, but two free bikes? Who? (sigh)

Kylie: So sorry about your bad luck. You have a right to be mad, unlike me who had no legitimate claim to those bikes.

This just goes to show: it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't. I'da taken the bike with the fight, but I'm a whore for a good curbscore.

Marriage = anticipating a fight, and not actually having it. xoxo

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