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August 07, 2008


I don't know if this will make you feel any better but... I STILL haven't finished the tricky spots in mine.

Our kitchen renovation started with a 2 inch crack in our stove top. Well, we weren't going to replace our tiny, can't fit anything in the oven, 24 inch stove with another. Or put it in the same place - directly next to the sink. Might as well remove a wall and rip out the cabinets and finally get a dishwasher. The wall coming out led to the discovery of an overall lack of support for our second story and next thing you know we were putting in beams and jacking the house up! Maybe we should have just painted the stove top to make the crack blend in.

And that stance (paintbrush in hand, blueprints in head)? I know it all too well.

Glad the project is completed! Now have a nice glass of wine and please write up an eggplant post. I'm knee deep and out of ideas.

Wow, subjunctive. Neat.

My kitchen "remodel" began one long ago New Years Eve. I was drunk and in high heels and fancy dress I chipped up the entire tiled floor.

How do you fix that in the morning? Oh, you don't.

Argh. Me+Alcohol+1am=Sloppy Mess, Literally.

As for the eggplant. Well, you know it practically half-kills me every time, but I love it thinly sliced, breaded, fried in olive oil, and served with a very garlicky-basily- chunky tomatoey type sauce. I definitely have to keep an inhaler on hand, but I can't help myself. Wait, that's what the epi pen is for right?

Uh huh. Know right where you're coming from. Remember that carpet we ripped out in... what? May? June? Ya, well, we still don't have anything down yet.

Our kitchen is a one-butt kitchen (that's all that can fit in it at one time) and I would dearly love a remodel. But my new mantra is "I'll let the NEXT owner deal with that."

Sally: Good idea. I hear the future owners of our houses have unlimited time and money.

Lily VS: I love that image of you hacking away at your kitchen floor, all dressed up and sloppy drunk. Makes me laugh every time. And, yes, you can get away with a lot with an epipen!

CC: I still don't get subjunctive.

Andrea: Eggplant post coming up. And your kitchen remodel sounds totally worth it if you came out of it with a dishwasher you didn't have before. How does one even begin to live life without a dishwasher?

Ann: That makes me feel soooo much better, actually. Thanks.

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