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August 13, 2008


I just discovered your blog, and it is awesome!! Very inspiring. I'll definitely be back. Plus, we're neighbors ;-)

So simple, so good.

Cherry tomatoes are the gateway drug!

(I'm gonna say "gateway drug" a lot today. Gateway drug is the new black.)

Oh, sun golds. Little, sweet balls of summer sun. So warm, so tasty, so sad I don't have any here.

Perfection indeed!

Oooh, those seedy little bombs! Try the game where you pinch one between your teeth and aim the seeds at your opponent. First tomato squirt in the eyes wins it. Not recommended for indoor gaming or white t-shirt wearers.

You know, I've been meaning to ask - do your kids actually *eat* the things you fix? I mean, it all looks really good and everything. But my grandson wouldn't come near a fresh tomato and I ain't pushing the matter for fear that he would react to them like you do/did. (shudder) So, do you fix them a separate meal or are they walking around looking like orphans from some third world country? (J/K!) What's the scoop Tammy? Tell me how you *really* cook for the boys.

P.S. Still waiting for kitchen pictures.... (tapping foot). ;P

My cherries and golden pears are coming on any day now! Then I will be like Smurfette when all she wanted was Smurfberry candy, and she got the Midas touch for it, and then pretty soon she couldn't stand the sight of Smurfberry candy because everything she loved was destroyed by her lust for it. Or something.

I never disliked tomatoes, per se, but I have absolutely fallen in love with them this year thanks to getting them garden fresh. Caprese pasta salad is my friend. I'm so glad you're finally enjoying those squishy suckers!

Melissa: Me, too!

Heather: I actually remember that episode, but apparently I didn't learn anything from it.

Sally: I started to answer your comment and then decided to write a whole post about it instead. It's coming right up, along with kitchen pictures, I swear. We just got the light fixture up today and I have only a few more pictures to hang.

Helen: Well, that's one way to get rid of the seeds!

Marija: Sometimes it's best to stand back and let the food do all the work.

Jess: Cruel, cruel world...

CC: Gateway drug to what? Heroin? Or other bigger tomatoes?

Trev: Agreed!

Tall Kate: Nice to meet you! Where in MA are you?

They look great, so summery.
I always forget about marjoram, it is under utlilized in my kitchen.

Jeez, you crack ho.
Gateway to bigger tomatoes!

This looks wonderful. I have just recently discovered queso fresco cheese so it might be a good time to give this a try. Cherry tomatoes are great roasted as well - it really brings out an intense flavour.

Looks delicious! I was always kind of lukewarm on cherry tomatoes too, but then I discovered a recipe where they're barely sauteed in olive oil with fresh oregano, fresh basil, garlic, and a bit of hit pepper flakes to make a quick pasta sauce. I love to use them for that!

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