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August 25, 2008


Thanks! My Husband has been asking for pies, but I am out of the pie-loop as you were. As the plane won't make it in time until the pie is gone in your house, I will definitely try to make this myself. I have blueberries in the freezer (American variety) but have to get peaches. And lucky me, they are ripe at this time here in Egypt!

Tammy - That looks soooooo good! I'm ashamed to admit that pies (read:crusts) are my downfall. I have never been able to make a really good crust. I think I mess with it too much. Your's looks perfect! Sorry about your oven...they just don't make stoves like they used to. But, on the upside, now you can get a new stove! :)

I've been lurking ever since I arrived here trying to figure out what to do with a bag of money beans (the answer involved a lot of ketchup, alas), but the pie motivates me to come out of the woodwork. Wow, that is gorgeous.

I have peaches. I have blueberries. I have a working oven. Hmmmmm. No one in my family would actually *eat* a peach-blueberry pie, but why should that stop me?

Oh, yum! And we have an excess of both fruits at the moment.

Gorgeous! Peaches are so good right now. I am totally envious. Stick it in an envelope already! ;)

Funny how this pie appeared AFTER I was there on Saturday! Just coincidence. right?

I sympathise with your oven problems. Mine packed up too recently - I was halfway through cooking and it just stopped, no heat whatsoever although it took me at least an hour to notice - which is worrying...

Helen: Sounds like exactly the same thing. Was it a burned-out ignitor, by chance?

Dad: I'd be happy to pencil you in for extra babysitting!

Rebecca: Thanks! Your soggy package is on its way.

Alecto: So good.

Phantom Scribbler: Thanks for delurking! On the contrary, that's the best kind of pie-making situation. A pie all to yourself.

Sally: I've finally gotten better at pies. I think I was voted least likely to be a pastry chef at culinary school, but what I lack in talent I make up for in heart. And I heart pie.

Marianne: Oooooo, Egyptian peaches. Why do those sound so much better than American ones? Must be the pyramids in the background.

Mmm, I love the contrary of blueberries and peaches together. The smell is amazing I bet to. Great photos by the way! You've made me hungry!

You did a fantastic job on that lattice, it's beautiful! :) Great pie!

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but I want never gets.. and I'm guessing it's already been *tommorrow lunchtime* ?

This pie truly does look delicious - I can't believe you missed out on the PIE!! smell, though - it comes second only to the PIE!! taste ;)

Loving the blog, 2 years, that's amazing! I've only recentlyish started mine. Visit it if you like, I think the URL comes with my comment?


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