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August 19, 2008


It's beautiful! Did you sand the cabinets before painting? Mine are due for some rework...

It looks GREAT! I love that color on the walls and the white cabinets are beautiful. I say well worth the effort for all the use and enjoyment you'll get from it..of course I didn't have to do all that painting so I can say that!

Thanks for sharing. :)

You forgot to show before and after versions of the ceiling fan! The "before" version was exquisite in its hideousness. AND I installed the new one. Woo hoo! My only contribution!

LOVE your new kitchen! You did a really great job! Good idea with this little shelf for spices over the work-bench!

Looks great. Good job.

Very nice work, and a huge improvement. Although I do like those fruit borders...NOT! (Yes, I just flew back to 1989 in my head :)

Seriously good work! Enjoy!

Wow!!! I'm inspired to do something with my own kitchen.

I think the kitchen looks 100 times better than before. Yellow is my favorite color, so my kitchen got painted "butter up", but after seeing your kitchen I like the darker yellow better!

It looks amazing!! I haven't done anything to my 1977 kitchen except make it dirty and break the cabinet door on the lazy susan. My excuse is having such an ambitious plan for the redone kitchen, we will NEVER have the money or time. So, congrats on actually getting it DONE!

You've done a good deed for humanity by ridding this world of one more fruit-patterned border. Having dispatched at least 8 of them myself in two different houses, I can sympathize with the six hours you spent. The new kitchen looks fantastic!

Nice job!

I'm still working on stocking my kitchen before I do anything decorative. Kitchen equipment is turning into a money pit of terrifying proportions. I'm starting to think that there could be an advantage to getting married: someone else might buy me baking dishes and a stand mixer.

At first glance and without reading, I thought the first photo was going to be the finished kitchen. I was trying to figure out a tactful way to respond:
"Nice try!"
"It's the thought that counts!"
"A fruit border - interesting choice."

I'm so relieved to see that it was just the before, not the after and I can truly say - Great job! The size may not have changed, but it must be so much nicer cooking in a bright and cheerful space. It actually reminds me of our kitchen face lift when we moved into our house. Out with the brown and off-white wallpaper and on with a hot chile red paint! Enjoy your new space.

such a photo-oper. I love how the watermelon appears in the 2nd picture but it wasn't in the first. Great renovation!

strong work tammy!

I can't wait to have another meal over there. Hey wait ... it's my turn. Next week we will be celebrating our new deck and Jasper's 4th year with drinks and a spiderman pinata. details to come.

sarahj: New deck already? Wow, you guys work way faster than me. Anxiously awaiting the party specs!

anon: Caught! (I was pissed I didn't think of that cute watermelon the first time around.)

andrea: I know, what can you really say about the before picture: "Well, maybe that giant shelf thing will topple over onto you someday and put you out of your misery."

Adele: That's why I got married. I needed a stand mixer bad.

Robert: Agreed. Fruit, good. Fruit borders, bad.

Erin: I know. It's so hard to have dreams you can never fulfill. But congrats on making your lazy susan even lazier!

Mary: Thank you. Yellow is so hard. I must have tried out 7 or 8 of those tiny paint samples, but it's still a gamble when you do a whole room. It somehow can look totally different than the swatch.

Kelly H: Are you sure? Might I suggest the wintertime for such a project!

What a Card: Who doesn't love memories of 1989? Where's my curling iron and Aqua Net?

Sis: Thanks. Have you recovered from your visit?

Marianne: Yeah, that spice shelf is handy, though I can't claim the credit for it. Unless nobody else is going to.

Husband: And an important contribution at that. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the old ceiling fan. It was a piece of work.

April in CT: Wow, all these nice comments have totally made my day. It's funny, though, I haven't heard anything from my troll. I wonder what he thinks about my design sense?

Vicki: Yes, I definitely sanded, but I'm wondering if I did it enough. There are a couple of trouble spots near the hinges, but luckily you can't see them when the cabinets are closed. We'll just pretend everything is just fine.

I love your kitchen it looks much better so much more bright and happy. You have good taste.

"Put them Somewhere Else"

Yes, please.

I love the new look, in every way. Begone country look, hello minimal, bright and spacious look. And the cabinets look a lot like mine and I ended up really liking them as white as that.

Congratulations on the new heart of your home.

Absolutely fabublous. Makes me wish my dark little kitchen had a bit more light.

I like this Broadway lights color by Benjain Moore


did you know you can also have this site make it lighter by percentage, for example ou can do the same colro 50% lighter for an accent wall in the kitchen for some variation. just a thought

Oh, my! Absolutely gorgeous Tammy! Good job. I love the color. I'm going to be painting my cabinets white too. It really lightens up a small kitchen. I love it!

It looks fabulous! Your cabinets do NOT look repainted-- they look brand new. And the walls are wonderful-- such a great color and a perfect backdrop for the paintings. Lovely!

But now I feel the need to re-consider my kitchen walls. I went with a sage green as a compromise to raspberry (don't ask, I was having a crisis of taste), but really prefer yellows. Plus I haven't finished the tricky bits and I have these ugly cabinets... so maybe I should start all over again?

In any case, your kitchen looks wonderful. Except for the fridge. Which I love because it makes me feel a little better about the fact that you have those great floors and I have grey/green linoleum. I won't even mention my antique (but not in a good way) BROWN stove.

FABULOUS... Mr. PG...aka The Professional Painter needs to see these pics! He thinks I am about to indulge in sacrilege because I want to paint similar cabinets in a pristine Benjamin Moore (his favorite paint though). glad to see the white appliances, which I am getting regardless of the *hype* for stainless.

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