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August 12, 2008


OMG - I guess it is pretty rude to be laughing right now! Honestly, I couldn't really read much past bacon and eggs.

Dreamy state...without objection...kind mother...hooked up...maternal instinct...gladly touch...

Electric fence technology? You might be onto something. My husband was just telling me about the "enclosed, outdoor play area" they were placed in as kids. Farm boys - I'll have to find out if it was electrified!

How is it that the little one ALWAYS beats up the big one? From the moment they realize that big kid is NOT an extension of themselves? Whether you've got boys or girls. One day toddler will grow up into a preschooler, develop impulse control, and not beat up older brother -- nearly as often.

I think you might be on to something to stop the fighting!

I was at the Lexington Farmers Market yesterday and they had local beef. That doesn't help you until next week, but I bet Farmers Markets would be a good source for you. Keep it on the down low, though, as I don't want my source to dry up! ;)

We didn't have a low voltage fence, we didn't even have a fence. We had a dog who knew where the property line was and that toddlers weren't allowed on the other side. And that if pushed hard in the chest with a nose the toddler falls over.

There is something for old technology.

I think it's perfectly reasonble to use electric fencing for any and everything. I'm a big fan. Also, most people and animals learn very quickly and often need to be told just once (or hit it just once) except my one friend from Columbus (I guess they don't have livestock in Columbus) did not believe me and for some reason I'll never comprehend, leaned forward and put her tongue on the damn thing because she simply did not believe me. I'd say it was Darwinism at work except last I checked she's still walking and breathing.

That was hysterical! I know I shouldn't be laughing... but I just can't help myself!

(Looking at comment above mine)

Oh yeah. I almost forgot about bacon Tammy and non-bacon Tammy. Wait, what?

Shock collars. I can think of a few parents who might get good use out of those. *Cough*

I wish I'd had a cattle prod when I was a kid. My brother was a beast!

CC: What would we do without siblings?

Melissa: Now that's a good idea. I hope DSS doesn't read blogs.

The OTHER Tammy: You just wait! You may feel like an awesome parent now, but it won't be long before you forget to strap your child into his car seat and he slides out onto the floor while you're on 128. Oh wait, that was me, too.

Alecto: Wow! I'd say people from Columbus aren't too smart except I know people in Columbus!

ntsc: That's what we need. A dog to follow us around and keep us out of trouble. Except I hear they need walking.

What A Card: Yeah, I need to branch out to other farmer's markets. I go to the Waltham one sometimes (the cheese lady usually has ground beef, but that's it for meat). I should try Lexington or Belmont. I think there's a new one in Newton (Nonantum), too.

Family Nutritionist: I anxiously await that day. I'm tired of refereeing.

Andrea: Maybe that's why people always say it's better to raise kids in the country.

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