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August 24, 2008


I can't comment, because I'm drinking a glass of champagne.

CC: With pants or without?

I can see this backfiring in school...

Preschooler: May I get a glass of water?
Teacher: Yes you may.
Preschooler starts taking pants off...
Teacher: What are you doing?!
Preschooler: Mommy says you don't need pants to get a glass of water.

The mind boggles imagining what will happen when he discovers all those other things that one can do without pants.

I find that nearly every daily activity of mine is more enjoyable without pants.

not wearing pants is the equivalent of an "off duty" sign. It's inbred in males . Kudo's to the preschooler ... he's ahead of the learning curve.

What I said before about killer material. Kid logic. It's just like grown-up logic, but you can get to the punch-line more quickly.

Family Nutritionist: Never thought about it that way, but it's true!

Joey: He does have natural intelligence. My dad would say it skipped a generation and came directly from him. However, I'm not sure the pants thing is a sex-linked trait. Ladies?

Husband: Are you SURE a couple of those activities wouldn't be better with pants on?

Melch: There's going to be a lot of backfiring in future years, I can just feel it.

I have to agree with Husband here.

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