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August 11, 2008


Aw, jeez.
Aw, double jeez.

Thank you for this! I'm expecting more of these little eggplant critters in tomorrow's share, and I can't bear to prepare yet another "stir fry" type dish with them. Beef recalls be damned, I'm going for it!

My eggplants are coming on like gangbusters too. I love all the different varieties I grew this year. This recipe looks too intense for me, but I'm sure it tastes good.

This dish had a suspicious appearance, but after a couple of bites I was hooked. Yummy!

If the kids aren't eating it, I'll gladly take any leftovers off your hands. :)

If my mother had prepared meals like that when I was a child... well, I'd probably be completely incapable of using a stove, and thus doomed to living on takeout and microwave Kraft Mac 'n Cheese. Say what you will, the "eat what's served or learn to cook" method of culinary instruction does produce results...

Okay, admittedly the picture did not make this look great (think Dr. Seuss) but the ingredients tell me this will be great. I used to go frequent the Elephant Walk many years ago, but the last time I went it was a disappointment. It will be nice to make an eggplant departure though.

Brookecan: Yeah, this photo was a risk. Green-tinged beef wasn't a big seller even before all the E. coli recalls, but this was too good not to share.

Adele: Agreed. I'm familiar with those results.

Husband: I'm glad we don't discriminate against ugly food in these parts.

Sally: Wow, you grow more than one kind of eggplant? Have you considered starting a CSA of your own out there in Iowa?

Cornelia: I hope you like it as much as we did!

CC: It's my photography, isn't it? Practice makes perf...well, it helps anyway.

I don't doubt the tastiness of the dish. I just doubt being able to feed my husband Asian foods of any sort. I kind of hate him for that. ;)

Even weirder though is the fact that I have never had eggplant. That needs fixin.

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