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August 20, 2008


Lucky me I got a gift subscription last Christmas to Yankee Magazine from my mother in law! She figured a southern GA girl would need some extra help living "up here" in CT.

I'm not very experienced with using winter squash, but I may have a good starting place now! I just read the article and am proud to say "Hey, I know that idiot!!"

hoorrraaayyy! I am so proud of you! Great! Yes start flooding them with letters! but go on blogging. Sell the children so that you can concentrate on your two careers

Ah, the joys of living in the Mid-Atlantic. Too early for giant squash, too late for lettuce, just right for piles and piles of heirloom tomatoes!

Yea - I've been waiting for that soup recipe! I'm kind of afraid to admit that I have 3, maybe 4 butternut squash still languishing in the bottom of my coat closet/squash storage/wine cellar (the wonders of living in a small house). Scary thing is, I think they are still good! How does a vegetable last that long? Must be those hardy Waltham genes.

Congratulations on the article - keep them coming!

Congratulations Tammy. I'm proud of ya!

Well even if it is early, I just adore butternut squash. And guess what, I've even read Yankee magazine a few times (but not out here in the wild west where I live, this was on a vacation in Rhode Island.)

Okay, I was jealous when you were getting summer stuff before me, but now I'm glad we're a but behind you... we're still getting corn and the tomatoes have just really kicjed in. No squash in sight yet.

Congrats on the article!

Congratulations on being published! And remember the blog is ESSENTIAL to your writing career. It keeps you writing, honing hour craft. You've got some killer material here.

I've never read Yankee Magazine. Maybe I should start, just so that I can say that I (kind of) know one of the contributors.

Congratulations! I think the best part of your blog is that "Foolishness" is the largest category in the cloud. Rock on.

That's really cool, Tammy! Living the dream, you are!

I love butternut squash. It's great in tempura.

Oooh, I might have to go find the Yankee magazine in question. I love squash, but I'm always in the market for new and exciting recipes. And congrats on the article!!

Tall Kate: Good to know you like squash. If you find a big pile of it in your driveway, don't ask questions.

Heather: Tempura! Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

Cornelia: And here I was thinking that would lose me some credibility!

Adele: It's a pretty good magazine, actually. You know, if you like New England.

Family Nutritionist: Thanks for the encouragement!

Ann: Yes, keep the corn and tomatoes coming.

Kalyn: I guess Rhode Island counts as Yankee, what with their johnnycakes and crazy coffee milk.

Sally: Thanks, Sally!

Andrea: I still have containers of pureed squash in the freezer from last year. That ain't good.

Jess: That is a joy!

Ilva: Some days that's very tempting.

April: You better watch out. You're well on your way to becoming a convert!

I was maybe, kind of thinking about possibly, maybe doing the eat local challenge in October, just because i think it would be funny to fail so tremendously. But you would give me guidance, right? And inspiration?

The soup recipe is just in time to use the remainder of last winter's squash. Thanks. (And nice job.)

Katrina: There's nothing like getting a head start on squash season!

Flood: Guidance? Sure. Inspiration? Remains to be seen. But join me anyway!

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