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August 03, 2008


I really don't think this post could be any cuter!

We found a bat on our window screen a few nights ago. Care to take him for a ride?

I'd say all is just about right in the universe now.

Tammy - You do realize ladybugs live for about...oh, a DAY...before they die, right? ;P

I had a similar conversation with her cousin. She'd settled on the inside of my pop-up canopy. I convinced her that it was much safer and she had a better shot of eating regularly if she stayed in the woods, rather than being folded up, crammed in a duffle, and transported to DC. I hope she agreed. I forgot to check the canopy before collapsing it!

Jess: Or maybe she's taking pictures of the Lincoln Memorial right now...

Sally: Say it isn't so!

Heather: Phew. I was beginning to think my relationship with the Farmer was doomed.

April: Did you know that bats are important pollinators in the desert and rainforest? I sure as hell didn't:


But I think I'll pass on giving him a ride!

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