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July 24, 2008


Aren't we cute - we've got matching drawers! :)

Nice panties! I mean drawers! Mine crisper is blessedly on the empty side but will be full again on Saturday.

I think that if a rain-soaked shirt and wet hair wasn't enough to entice the Farmer, it may be a lost cause.

I know I wanted to rifle through your drawers when you showed up all drenched...

Too bad the kids were home...

I'm sorry, but what goes on in my head stays in my head (much like the raunchy Las Vegas quote we are all sick of hearing). My day for bacon mints will just have to be another time.

I'm so jealous of your drawers.

My farmer fantasies (complete with porn banjo) are way more appetizing than bacon mints. Did you read the review? :-Þ

Your vegetable porn is all the porn I need. ;) Lovely.

Melissa: You're no fun at all! (I’m sure the Farmer is grateful for your restraint.)

Jess: You tease! (P.S. I did read the review. Who'd have thought that bacon mints would suck?)

April in CT: That's a good policy to live by, in general. Perhaps I should try it.

Husband: Oh, hi! You read my blog?

Ann: I hope you're enjoying your new CSA.

Cornelia: We're the luckiest girls!

If I come up with a really good story, do you promise NOT to send me the bacon mints??

Melissa: Yes, I promise. I really want to know what went on under that tent!

You made awkward conversation and then sprinted back to the car?

I'll forward you the address for mailing the mints.

Love's Bandit: You know me too well! What I meant to say is that I want to hear a "better" ending to the story.

Our fair heroine: So you got anything for my drawers?

Farmer(chewing on a toothpick, possibly bacon flavoured): Eh?

OFH: Uh, I mean just here to pick up the foodshare today!

Farmer: There you go. Oh, and don't be stealin' any ladybugs.

Sunny12: That's the spirit! (P.S. I found another ladybug in my stuff right before vacation, so I stuck him back in the refrigerator for the week because I heard you could do that with ladybugs. When we got back from vacation, DEAD. Will I never get to redeem myself?)

Anyone else? Or does the Canadian win?

How 'bout this:

Tammy: Is that a squash in my basket, or am I just happy to see you?

Farmer: Huh?

Tammy: What I meant was, will you put your squash in my basket?

Farmer: HUH? (most farmers I know aren't too verbose.)

Zeus: [hurls bolts in an effort to muddle the situation further.]

(Tammy grabs her basket and runs for the car in embarrassment. Farmer checks her out. More to follow next week.)

NurseJen: I like it! Nice cliffhanger. We wouldn't want to rush into anything.

Oops, I forgot to name a winner. NurseJen, because she has the Farmer checking me out. And now, for her eating displeasure, bacon mints...

Next time I'll get better prizes.

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