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July 29, 2008


Can I sign up to join your family?

Aw, jeez, your dad's a pimp.

OMG! I thought it was NEXT weekend ...

Hey! I recognize that area code! LOL You were in my neck of the woods and didn't invite me to crash a reunion full of food!? I'm sure a southern drawl would have fit right in and nobody would have even noticed me. *whistles innocently*

From the sounds of it y'all had a great time!

288-0000 Nope
288-0001 Nope
288-0002 Nope
288-0003 Nope

Man, this is going to take forever

288-XXXX: If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times, hands off my grandmother.

April in CT: Next time I'll sneak you in!

Joey: Doh, and I was hoping to see you. You missed a good time!

CC: Yeah, the story probably would have been better without knowing the identity of the pimp in question.

Robert: You might want to sleep on that.

Hee! I want to join your family as well! I'll bring the deviled eggs, OK?

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