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July 08, 2008


Whiskey also served as currency and was fairly simple to make.

Employers were so worried about the lack of productivity after the elevenses. They took care of that - no whiskey at work. What they didn't anticipate was that computer solitaire, minesweeper, and zuma would come along to put us into our after-lunch stupor instead!

By the way, you realize that Michael Pollan writes books as fast as you read them, right? Maybe you want to just skip forward to In Defense of Food. It is kind of like the crib notes for Omnivore's Dilemma. :)

Yes yes! Obese alcoholics! I'm all over it. Wait, yes, I am all over it or it's all over me... or something like that. hick.

Now that's interesting. Husband, the Brit, considers elevenses to be the time you have a kit kat or Cadbury with a cup o tea. I never knew we brought it over and added booze!

Jo: Hence the term "Yankee ingenuity"!

Alecto: I'm not too far behind you.

Andrea: Yes, I did realize that he writes faster than I read--thanks for pointing it out. But I heard that The Omnivore’s Dilemma is better than In Defense of Food, so I’m thinking that when I finish this series, in a few years, I’ll skip over to whatever other book he’s written by then.

ntsc: I like the idea of whiskey as currency. Would be fun to make change.

FYI: Slow Food USA has a relief fund for farmers affected by disasters.


Jess: Thanks for the link!

Tammy - I'll drink to that!

I thought Pollan put corn into perspective but you've taken it over the top. I'll never consider corn the same way again.

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