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July 31, 2008


I enlarged that picture and pretended to swim around in the bowl. That looks scrumptious!

Gods, sungolds are amazing! They're like candy!

Wow, I made something very similar two nights ago...we must be on the same wavelength (or getting the same stuff from our CSAs :). Unfortunately, I was cooking for vegans so left the cheese out of ours, too. And sorely missed it. I tried sprinkling nutritional yeast on top, but it just wasn't the same.

Your picture is absolutely gorgeous. Mine doesn't even come close...

I have those private moments with tomatoes and salt too. It is exactly how my love of tomatoes began. I have high hopes for you now.

Helen: It's those heirlooms. I'm addicted!

Whatacard: Yeah, you're not far from here, so I think our CSAs must be in sync. Let's see what we come up with next week.

Jess: How can nature get some things soooo right?

April: Hey, thanks!

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