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July 02, 2008


This, dear, is why you should be a poet.

You think "amount" rhymes with "fragrant"?
Oh. Yes.
It does.

If I was your mom, I'd totally put that on the fridge.

Hmm. I think there's something vaguely William Carlos William about it.

Trying pesto for the first time this week. You haven't inspired me. :P No, actually, I need scapes. Everyone's using them right now and I want to jump on the bandwagon.

I can't remember the last time a poem made my mouth water -- but to be honest I'm not feelin' the scapes in the pesto. I think they're best grilled on the Webber and brushed with white truffle oil.

Garlic scapes are my new favorite green vegetable. They are worthy of a poem, for sure. I prefer them just sauteed too, but I bet that pesto would be lovely spread on some pan-roasted fingerling potatoes or a salmon steak.

Love garlic scapes! We get tons in our csa this time of year...will try them in pesto--yum:-)

Jen: They can make a fiery pesto, but starchy pasta mellows it.

Heather: Bet you're right. Wish I had more.

Jane: You may have sold me on your grilling idea. Care to write a poem about it?

Melissa: As far as peer pressure goes, caving in to scapes isn't so bad.

Adele: You're a liar.

Jess: Too bad I'm only 30-something years old.

CC: No, "fragrant" was supposed to rhyme with "olive oil." Crap, I'm starting over. Also, the olive oil line should probably be longer than the other ones. Again, not a poet.

Rainbowbrown: Maybe I should start by reading actual poems. I hear they're short. What's with my sudden interest in poetry, anyway?

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