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June 26, 2008


Doh! I never thought of that! I can't turn an egg without breaking the yoke to save my life. Tanks Tammy!

Yep. Definitely eggier. Or do I mean duckier? Whatever.

Great for dunking asparagus, too.

I love flipping eggs. And I blatantly do it to show off. Of course last time I missed the pan and had half the egg on the floor. As it so happens, my husband was finally paying attention. Oof.

My wrist-flick still yields too much impact for an intact yolk, so I cheat and stick the whole pan of eggs under the broiler for a second to firm up the whites. :P

Oh lord, it took me forever to flip them well. So damn good though!

Duck eggs? Yeah, that was a surprise to me too. May need to look into trying those.

Friends have told me that duck eggs are "richer" than chicken eggs for baking, because they're bigger and have bigger yolks. For whatever that's worth. Don't think you would notice just for frying, though.

[a new reader via Paper Chef]

I've eaten plenty of thousand-year duck eggs in my life, but I don't think I've ever eaten a fresh duck egg. I've heard they make for particularly good sponge cakes.

Adele: A thousand years, huh? Sounds, um, great!

TJ: Welcome. Good to know. The yolks (and the eggs, themselves) were definitely bigger.

Melissa: I had them straight-up fried this morning, and they were excellent. That yolk was so rich and thick and creamy. Now I'm all spoiled.

Heather: You don't know your own strength. Plus it's hard to flip a whole pan full of eggs. Though I'd pay good money to see you try.

Mary: Why do they always have to walk in when you're screwing something up?

aforkfulofspaghetti: Asparagus. Now, that is a great idea.

Sally: Happy practicing!

I get my husband to cook the eggs because he can flip them perfectly. Show me again, I tell him. Works every time.

a coworker provides me with duck eggs occasionally. i use them primarily for baking: they make the lightest, fluffiest cakes and pancakes and the richest brioche ever! they have a darker yolk, so everything i cook turns out richer-looking as well as tasting...

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