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June 20, 2008


Throwing the fish back is probably for the best. I once fell into the Charles River right by Community Boating (my husband and I were kayaking and he tried to show me how kayaks don't tip... they do). Nothing happened as a result, but I was majorly grossed out. Not too long ago, the Charles River was considered thoroughly polluted... I guess recently it got a better review.

Aw, man... The fish hate that!
What would The Farmer say if you led a steer to the slaughtering shed, only to unhook it at the last minute?

Are you *sure* you didn't just catch one monumentally stupid sunfish 12 times?? Hee! I once caught a sunfish by just dipping a net with a whole piece of bread into the water. I did it as a joke, and that sucker swam right in! I think sunfish must be at the bottom of the fish-intelligence scale!

Sounds like y'all had fun!

"But bad things happen when spouses try to teach each other anything."

Truer words were never spoken. I'm only really good at shooting because of Steve's best friend. They're both expert marksmen, but god forbid I let Steve teach me. ;)

Fabulous photo!

Ann: Thanks. Surprising considering I had to do it one-handed.

Melissa: That's very smart. You wouldn't want a marital spat to turn into a gunfight. It gets ugly enough between Husband and I with those little hooks.

Whatacard: That's true. Maybe the water quality is affecting their fish brain development. Or maybe a hot dog is the single most delicious thing those sunfish have come across in their life span so it's totally worth it.

CC: If the Farmer ever came across me with one of the cows hooked on my fishing pole, then that would be just about par for the course.

Sandicita: I used to row in college in that water and it was pretty horrifying. Here's what the EPA has to say these days: http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/6d651d23f5a91b768525735900400c28/6146011fdd43622985257436005616ba!OpenDocument
Still, I'm not eating any Charles River fish.

gross! The fish eat hotdogs? They probably love baseball too.

I've always felt, as the bumper sticker says, that a bad day fishing is better than a good day making carrot halvah. By the way, anybody up for some catch-and-release hunting?

Barry: These are not pretty images I have in my head right now. And that was just the halvah.

Sunny12: When in Boston...

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