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June 30, 2008


I'm just getting back to him after months, too. I forgot how much I like the way he writes. Never mind what he's saying. I'm usually too tired to figure it out. I keep reading the same section again and again and then my infant-induced total exhaustion kicks in. Pollan is about to hunt pig. Then I fall asleep. He's about to .. hunt ... wait, pig, right? I think I read this. Then I fall asleep. So he was talking about pigs ... guns ... woods, damn. Then I fall asleep.

I took the lazy way out of this book (as it's definitely IMPORTANT and A MUST-READ) by deciding that having read his shorter article was just as good. It's weird, but when I page through it my eyes just start to go blurry... and yet I have read and loved all of his previous books. I dunno.

My copy is under the bed covered in dust bunnies. I don't have the courage to crawl under there and haul it out and I'm not sure what I'm more afraid of; what he'll say next or what else I'll find under the bed.

Alecto: Let's face it, they're both going to be pretty scary.

Ann: I think once I get out of this corn section, I'll be okay. Oh, who am I kidding?

Susanna: Yeah, but you're way, WAY ahead of where I am (isn't the hunt in the last section?), so hold your head up high. And then fall asleep.

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