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June 03, 2008


Nothing wrong with a little caulk! Err...a lotta caulk!..Err... You know what I mean!

So are you off vacation now?

I swear we have laughed at your posts more on this beach vacation than we have at America's Funniest Home Videos. (really, to US, that's just plain funny.)
Good luck with the CSA and the farmer. Just say No. or something. whatever.

What color is the alleged paint you'll be using? Inquiring minds want to KNOW! Oh, and I still haven't finished up the trim and the doors in my kitchen, though I feel slightly inclined to get it done before you get yours finished. :-)

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No such thing as too much caulk. Anywhere.

You know, when I was your age, we didn't get away with that kind of taulk.

LMAO @ Barry Fox!

And when you get done with yours, you can come and do mine! *wink wink*

Photos! We want photos of caulk. And congratulations on reducing your postings by over 50%. That's a boundary, isn't it?

Family Nutritionist: How did I attract such a depraved readership. I'm a nice girl.

Sally: Barry IS a fox! *wink wink*

Barry: Too bad we can't turn back the claulk.

Alecto: The guys at the local hardware store will be glad to hear this.

Edamame: I can only hope most of this post got lost in translation.

Ann: My paint is allegedly yellow, though only the ceiling paint has been purchased thus far (allegedly white). Let's race!

Susan: Ooooo, beach trip. Have fun!

April in CT: This vacation thing isn't really working out. I guess I'll probably end up half-assing both the painting and the blogging for the next few weeks. Or let the two fight to the death.

Let the race begin!

The words - Too Much Caulk - depend on if you are male or female! All men think there is no such thing as too much caulk and a tube of caulk is a mans answer to everything! Weird, how we can think and be so different and yet get along so well! Another unanswered universal question.

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