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June 15, 2008


The entries were fabulous, I wouldn't have liked to be in your shoes. I tried so hard to make time to get an entry in but I didn't make it. Next month, next month...

That is a most awesome round-up! I do agree with you everyone was a winner!!

Whoo Hoo! My second win! This was a tough one -- I was especially worried about those galettes, which looked really good. Thanks, Tammy!

Congrats to all. And, nice roundup.

It seemed silly not to vote for myself on the People's Choice thing, so, you know, I did. But honestly, I really wanted to eat those galettes. :P

And congrats to Hank for doing such a fabulous job!

Thanks again, Tammy, this was so awesome. :D

Thanks for giving us the vocab lesson, I was feeling a little bewildered by some of the terms! I love the way you presented the runners up as well as the winners. So kind and generous. I can't wait to hear what the next ingredient list will be. Congrats to all who participated and congrats to the awesome winners of Paper Chef.

Great roundup & congratulations to everyone who participated. All the entries were very different and it must have been hard to judge each entry, but that is the beauty of The Paper Chef - it allows you to be creative! Can't wait for the next one!

This looks great - where do I find out about the next one?

Gillie: Look here at the beginning of July: http://paperchef.blogspot.com/

Everyone: Again, great job. See you next month when my gavel has been ripped out of my grasping hands.

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