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June 02, 2008


You're so lucky - my CSA doesn't start until 6/24. Your farmer must LOVE you back!

Don't bother with the brush -- I date a farm boy, and he prefers wind-blown to what he calls "High-maintenance primped." Then again, if you're trying to break the spell, perhaps a little primping is on order.

I have to wait until 7/4!!!! What the hell are you people heating the place with down there in MA?

Kim: That's way too long to wait. You guys need more greenhouse gases up there.

NurseJen: You never told me you were dating a farm boy. What's your secret? Also, I was thinking beehive hairdo (you know, to play into the whole farm theme). But all that hairspray in a place where there might be actual bees just seems like a recipe for anaphylactic shock. Which isn't very sexy.

Erin: One can only hope.

I'm missing something here. Maybe us UK readers aren't quite as on the ball as the rest of you ..... but how did we get from the Programme to Chastity Belts???!! Perhaps the Farmer (US) moves a whole lot faster than any Farmer (UK) I have ever met !!!

Gillie: You're not missing anything. It's just wishful thinking on my part!

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