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June 29, 2008


Rainiers!! I'm so jealous..I'm withholding expletives!! (yes, I love them THAT much) I could seriously OD on eating those beautiful rounds of sweet nectar. Have I seen them around these parts yet though? Heck no. Another drawback of moving around often is never knowing the good places to get things. If your cherries go missing it wasn't me

I HAVE overdosed on Rainier cherries (it was not pretty.) They're about $8/lb 'round these parts. Kinda almost worth it, though.

I have some lovely recipes for fresh cherries, too, including a lovely cherry/toasted coconut nibble that I've been dying to try... No cherry picking around me, though. Gotta buy them. Hmmm...

Hmm...local source for delicious fresh cherries discovered, but posted after probably the last week for picking. I see how you are playing this.

Enjoy - and do let us know how awesome the port-soaked cherries came out. :? Don't worry about me, I'll just be dreaming of next year...

*sigh* Definitely time to find a friend with a car and ask if they'll take me fruit-picking in exchange for tasty cooking.

Raspberry season is coming up, isn't it?

Adele: Yup, raspberries and blueberries are coming right up. I'm sure you'll find some takers.

Andrea: I almost missed the window myself. It's very short. But here are some other berry-picking (though not cherry) places on the Cape: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/798949/upick_berry_farm_fun_in_cape_cod_massachusetts.html?cat=11

NurseJen: Sounds mighty tasty. I think ours were $6/quart, $3/pint (we saved on labor).

April in CT: I'm a loser. I've never even had Rainier cherries before, but they're damned good. All I ever see at the store are Bings and the occasional sour cherry. I'll have another handful in your honor.

Even pie cherries are really good. Right off the tree. And, fully ripe, they're only a little bit tart. And they've got that intense 100% pie cherry flavor. WOW! I tried to convince my family they were too good for any thing but eating out of hand. But they wanted more sugar. Why?

I'm beginning to think I won't even see Rainiers!! I was at the grocery today and all they had were the bings which I've gone through about 4lbs of. Not that I ate them all myself..yeah..I'm stickin' with that story. I even bought myself a fancy smancy cherry pitter and I love that little thing. I feel like I'm performing small surgeries every time I use it.

Thank you for the handful in my honor. :o)

So where do you go for strawberries? We put in 55 plants for ourselves but still want more!

FYI... I just got an email from Belkin Family Lookout farm last week. They have pick-your-own cherries too... and not as far a drive!

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