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June 19, 2008


oh those strawberries look sooooooooo good! I think we are finally getting some local strawberries here too, have to get them from the farmer's market this weekend. Hooray for summer!

Yay for local berries! And sugar snap peas! Boo for local lettuce, which we are getting far too much of!

I concur. We are shipping the girls to Vermont on the 12 PM Amtrak and then heading directly to the closest local strawberry farm. I also do not need anymore of that lettuce even if we are developing a taste for the weeds that get mixed into the greens.

Those Strawberries look SO delicious!

Are those sugar snaps or English peas? I would kill for a batch of English peas. The ones at Whole Foods are past their prime and hellishly expensive, to boot.

Of course, the strawberries look lovely, too.

Our first (ever!) CSA pickup included pea shoots. I'd expected to be eating things I'd never eaten before... but I figured that I *might* have until a later pickup to get something completely new. So... ack. They're languishing in the fridge right now.

Anyone have any killer pea shoot recipes they'd be willing to share?

It always makes me laugh to see the words "English peas"... they're PEAS, just peas! But then, I'm English so I would say that wouldn't I?

Mmmm, peashoots... when I was a child, I used to help my dad picking peas on his allotment and would eat the shoots straight off the plant. Then when I got home, I'd help mum shell the peas but always ate half of them before they got to the pot - ah, the tastes of childhood. These days, peashoots are a fashionable food... with a website all of their own - http://www.peashoots.com/peashoots-recipes.htm has recipes too.

The last line of the post made me snarf my iced coffee. Well played.

Huzzah: Um, that wasn't a joke.

CaroB: We definitely call them English peas over here, possibly to differentiate them from the American-style deshelled peas sold in the freezer section. Thanks for the link!

Susan: I've definitely had them in salads. I imagine you could use them anywhere you would use sprouts, like in sandwiches. Maybe over bagels and lox. Here's a simple saute recipe (scroll down a bit): http://www.circlemfarm.com/2008/recipes-for-spring/

Adele: Those were sugar snap peas. But the Farmer has English peas, too! Maybe next week.

Mary: They were. They're gone.

Alecto: Good plan. Sometimes, it just needs to be you and the strawberries.

Ann: Know what you mean. We got four heads. How about you?

Sunny12: They go so damned fast, though. I need more.

Hello neighbor and CSA mate! So happy to have found your lovely blog. I will stay tuned for more of your very entertaining stories. As you can imagine, we love farmers, too.

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