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May 20, 2008


Hmmmm, why does that picture look like crap? No time to fix it, though.

Shut it. That picture looks sexy as hell.

Er, what I mean is, yes, your picture is horrible. Give me the plate and we'll call it good.

Welcome to TWD! We don't kick anyone out who expresses the appropriate amount of gluttony. Check! ;)

Lemon cream and raspberries?

I'd forgive you if you didn't bother with the tart.

Hmm, I have to say that eating it with a spoon is probably the best use of the lemon cream I can think of. Why dilute all of that goodness with a tart crust?

Straight from the bowl sounds just perfect to me!

oooohhhh yeah... that tart was so good. Its one of my favorites. I understand why you never made it to the shell but if you get the chance to make again definitely give it a try! Welcome to TWD!
Clara @ I♥food4thought

Ours very rarely makes it to the tart either. I actually have one last jar of lemon curd canned from last Christmas that I'm going to have to open soon. My guess? Spoons and fruit.

LOL! I nearly did the same thing! What little bit that did get in the tart shell got scrapped out and eaten by itself when I ate it. Welcome to the group!

Loved it!!!

Wow - thanks to linking to my site! I really like your picture - and I agree with Bridget above - eating it with a spoon IS the best use for the lemon cream!! Welcome to TWD!!

ha! i loved the cream too. you really should try it in the tart, it's amazing!

beautiful photo.... of lemon cream ;)

Welcome aboard, I think for one, that you're off to a fabulous start, because you made me laugh my butt off! That lemon cream really is the bee's knees, and you can't stop once you taste it. It's EVIL-GOOD!

Mari: Hey, thanks! Evil is right.

Jaime: Someday. At least I made just the cream instead of just the tart shell. An empty tart shell would look even more pathetic.

Jayne: Your welcome. I enjoyed the pictures of your kids cooking!

Dad: Wow. Love? Really? Maybe I'll start making you more stuff.

Heather: I bet you and I have a lot in common.

Alecto: Love, love, love lemon curd. Enjoy.

Clara: I'm sure I'll be making this one again!

Gillie: Who am I trying to impress, anyway?

Bridget: Exactly what I was thinking.

Adele: Thanks for understanding.

Rebecca: Excellent! I'm an overachiever where gluttony is concerned.

Flood: Typepad, with its fancy new composition settings that I haven't mastered, yet, was messing with me and my pictures. It's better now, but it was reeeaaallly pissing me off. Now, if I can just figure out the paragraph spacing issue, maybe I can stop being so anal. Or not.

Sorry I don’t have any great recipes to offer. What I do have is an inexpensive gadget that’s made shopping for my family’s groceries so much easier. After all- before the recipe-we all need to get our groceries home. It’s a strong plastic handle that I use to carry all my grocery shopping bags to my car, then to my apartment in one trip. It’s called a Baggy Buddy. You can learn more at BaggyBuddy.com. I highly recommend it.

Don't worry, we ain't kicking you out sugah! The first TWD for me I managed to insult the recipe and the outcome and turn the cake pink. It ain't right what I put these poor recipes through.

Love your blog!

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