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May 08, 2008


That's a nice quick-cooking stew with lively colors. Chervil. I'll have to remember that one. The licorice flavor of fennel leaves always cooks away so fast.

Mmmm... it never occurs to me to use spring vegetables in stew. I don't know why, exactly.

I think it sounds just delicious. I love the idea of tarragon with lamb and also I'm intrigued by the chervil. That's an herb I've never cooked with (hmmm, and I do have a tiny bit of space left in my garden!)

I love chervil but hate tarragon so go ahead, taunt away. I also love Amanda Hesser's book for exactly the reasons you say. The stew looks great - slow-cooked lamb and barely cooked vegetables are a terrific combination.

I too have never cooked with chervil. have to try it. I love this stew, it looks far better than the one I recently attempted, more for the fact that I didn't get the liquid to the right consistency.

happy mother's day!!

Melissa: Thanks! One of my goals this summer is to beef up my herb knowledge. To cook with all of those random herbs I've heard of, but never tried. One down, five hundred to go.

Laurie: It's no fun if you actually like chervil!

Kalyn: The chervil was good. I'll be playing with it again sometime, I'm sure.

Ann: Probably because you're out enjoying the sunshine, as you should be.

Family Nutritionist: The flavor of chervil is actually quite delicate. Rereading this post, I make it sound like the stew hits you over the head with a fistful of licorice. Not so. But the addition of the raw herb mixture at the end let's you control how much of that flavor you want.

This is the best lamb stew...my partner loved it and even went back for seconds...loved all the bright colors and lightness of the stew. Beautiful.

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