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May 12, 2008


If it were my nephew, I'd follow with:

Me: Well, would you like some chocolate cake instead?

Him: Yes!

Me: Too bad! Oh FACE!

Him: (cries)

At the risk of sounding really callous -- did it work?

I'm so glad to hear that someone else has a toddler that won't eat. Hee! Misery loves company! My two little one live on air and kisses. And the chocolate chip cookies Grandma sneaks to them.

I have never yet seen small children starve TO DEATH after turning down a healthy, balanced meal.

I have, on the other hand, seen them come downstairs half an hour after bedtime and devour the dinner they rejected only two hours earlier.

My son's first word was a distinct 'No!', uttered in reference to strained green beans.


Happy day after Mother's Day I guess.

Hi, I found your blog through Looky Daddy. I have spent too much time going through your archives in the past couple of days!

I really enjoy it and will be checking in often.

Your sense of humor is awesome!

danish: Hey, thanks! If you came from Looky Daddy, then you must have good taste!

Sarah: My family likes to keep it real on Mother's Day and every other day.

ntsc: It's not easy being green.

Family Nutritionist: I have also known small children to be unpleasantly surprised to find last night's rejected dinner making another appearance at lunchtime.

Whatacard: Air and kisses! Love it. Plus, fewer diaper changes.

NurseJen: You could see he was conflicted, but, in the end, the prospect of eating a pear seemed far worse than ending up like me. I guess I should be flattered. Pears are delicious.

Heather: Why, you ARE the favorite auntie, aren't you!

And I thought *I* was mean.

my whole life is about getting a toddler to eat (and much of my blog). my pediatrician thinks you need to look at nutritition over the week or month--i.e. whole picture. easier said than done, I say, but I try to think about that when Belle refuses. I also always think this is really just her trying to assert herself and gain some maturity.

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