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May 21, 2008


What kind of paint are you using? Sometimes the fumes are good for stimulating creativity!

We will forgive you for being MIA if you promise to post photos of the finished product (and to prove that you weren't really goofing off this week!)

Aaaww, that long? I vote for Husband paints the kitchen and you blog. : )

LMAOOOOO!! Love the title!! I'm putting off painting the kitchen this year. We're ripping up carpet and refinishing (hopefully) the wood floors. I think that's probably enough for one summer. Don't forget to take "before" pictures!

Oh dear! How big is your kitchen? Anyway, have fun and I hope you pick the right color the first time. My parents recently painted their kitchen a really unfortunate color and started calling their kitchen "the uterus".

Can't wait for the extra-special post tomorrow. How will I ever be able to wait that long?

No, no! I just got here! Two weeks off? How dare you! You'll have time to blog when you are waiting for the paint to dry!

Ha, just kidding. Enjoy your time. :)

danish: While the paint is drying, I plan to take a dry paintbrush to the other rooms of the house and just sort of slowly go through the motions while staring at a single point on the wall. So, yeah, I'll be too busy.

Whatacard: Um, what color is a uterus, exactly? I can't remember that far back.

Sally: That's a big project. Good luck. I'll post before and after pictures if you do.

Marianne: Husband would be the better man for the job, quality-wise, but I prefer to mark my own territory.

Andrea: Proof, huh? I guess I better go buy some paint, then. Latex for the walls, oil for the trim and cabinets. So, which one gets you high?

We will miss you. Why not go out with a banger?

Well, I'm not sure of the color of a uterus, but my parents chose a bold orangey-pink for their kitchen. It was an odd choice to, you know, even exist in a paint store. It seems like they probably stocked it only so they could laugh at whatever unwitting fools asked them to mix up a gallon of it.


Don't be gone too long, Tammy. I may start to miss ya. Although this?

"Sometimes, I like to let my mind go completely blank and try to stay that way for as long as possible."

This sounds heavenly. Go paint and quiet your mind. That's good stuff we all should do from time to time.

I'll miss you! Hope the painting goes well... You know, you can also throw a painting party: you supply the food and drink, friends supply the free labor. My friends did that and we painted most of their apartment in one day. And it was a blast!

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