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May 05, 2008


That looks perfectly wonderful, Tammy. I haven't done a food event in awhile either. I decided from now on I'm only participating in events that have spoils for the winning.

Mmm. Nicely done.


Yumm! I love the idea of adding honey to this. Prosciutto is usually so salty I bet this compliments it nicely!

This is not the kind of thing one should read when lunch is a good 3 hours away and consists of leftovers. It's like watching sappy, romantic movies with amazing sex scenes when you're all alone. Sure, you can work with what you have on hand, but it will never be as satisfying. (Why do food and sex metaphors work so well?)

Hey Tammy ~ yes, I'm still lurking about your site, but my oppressive overlords at work have been demanding I produce something as opposed to blogging all day. (nosy meddlers!)

AND this would probably be a better comment for your previous topic, (fixating on the word Green...) but I wanted to turn you on to my favorite new website:


*Yes, it's safe for work.

I think you'll get a kick out the surreal bee segment.

For some reason I have trouble with that color green but I suspect if I added enough garlic to it I'd eat anything. Also, I have worked very hard over the years to master Dr. Lecter's well worn statement: I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti...fffuh fffuh fffuh - so, well, there's that too. On the other hand, I loves me some liver. Hmmmn.

I've never taken part in an event, but definitely want to. I'm inspired by your creativity, and the finished result looks bright and tasty. :)

that looks like a lovely light lunch (alliteration!).

i was going to participate this month and have all the ingredients in my fridge - and i was going to make something a lot like this! except with some ricotta in the bean puree, because i'm genetically incapable of not including cheese.

Michelle: There ain't nothing wrong with that gene! Sounds yummy.

Melissa: There's a first time for everything. Sometimes even a second time!

Alecto: Okay, you keep the liver and I'll keep the fava beans. And the human flesh.

Tim: Oh, wow. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe that clip!

Jess: I don't know, but they sure do, don't they! Food porn and porn porn are why this internet thing will never catch on.

Marc: That's exactly it. Salty and sweet!

Husband, Adele, Heather: Thanks!

Good? Well I guess so. Wonderful ingredients. Would love to have done this one but was traveling. Beautiful presentation.

I wonder if that will take 2 bites or just one to gobble up ....it looks sooo good.

Congrats on your win! I posted a fava recipe this week too :)

Oh! I'd love to try your recipe. Looks and sounds delicious. Congrats on your win.


I made a version of this as an hors d'œuvre for Easter. I pureed shelled English peas with shallot, parsley and olive oil, spread it over crostini, and topped with prosciutto and agave nectar! Delicious. Thanks for the inspiration!

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