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May 04, 2008


He doesn't like watercress soup?

But it looks so fresh and green...

Huh. So he gets two more strike outs and then what? Inquiring minds seriously want to know.

Ann: No, that's me getting the strikes. And then what? I have no idea.

Adele: It's not so much that he wouldn't like the soup as he wouldn't be caught dead with it at work. In front of all his friends.

I've been known to put my wife's weekly menu ( www.vldyson.com ) on a computer display screen during meetings.

This causes hunger pangs amoung those who don't cook and their wife doesn't cook. Which is a lot of people these days.

See, now, if you had made it asparagus soup...

So, he's not getting all snarky and jealous about your farmer fixation? Whew.
(Or did you really mean to title this "Green Monster"?)
Oh, wait.
Never mind. Baseball reference, right?
All's well.

My husband would probably say the same, though mine wouldn't have eaten it to begin with.
And now I'm going to go look at that menu for the week. :-)

Jenny: I thought one or two husbands might relate!

CC: Fixation? Why, whatever do you mean? (Yes, baseball reference! No sign of jealousy, yet.)

NurseJen: Exactly. Surely I should know what he likes by now.

ntsc: Holy crap, those are some impressive menus. You guys eat well. You must be the envy of your co-workers.

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