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May 14, 2008


I should do like you and just be honest about growing food, but I still spend many dollars on fussy heirloom seed every year! The only thing that will produce will be the zucchini and quince tree. Oh, but I will try! I already have baby kohlrabi and chard sprouting all over the damn place.

Hee hee... I painted my kitchen two months ago... leaving two doors and some trim "to do later." I wonder if I will ever finish it?

My CSA starts in three weeks! YAY!

You need a kitchen like mine with high ceilings open beams and requiring scaffolding to get to the roof space - then you CAN'T paint it yourself and have to get someone in and of course you never get around to it (or never have the money when you do get around to it) hence it doesn't get painted but you have a cast iron excuse. The paint for my kitchen has spent the last 3 months in the boiler house!

Gillie: Your kitchen sounds awesome. High ceilings, open beams. There's no place for the refrigerator in my kitchen, so it just kind of juts out into the middle of the room. I could go on. I'll trade ya.

Ann: It certainly won't get done during the CSA months. Your kitchen needs to be in prime working condition. Three weeks, huh? Lucky. I just sent in the rest of my $$ and sealed it with a kiss.

Heather: No, I admire your spunk. Keep at it and reap the rewards. No need to give up just because I'm a quitter.

We just picked out the paint for the cabinets. Maybe by 2010.

Spring cleaning got postponed until mid-November again. Two of us living in a five bedroom house with every flat surface in the house covered in books (mostly cooking) or something to do with food. Dosen't every prep table have 56 pints of freshly canned beef stock sitting on it? Those have to go in the basement tonight.

I was going to paint my kitchen this summer, but after the living room, I think I've lost the will. The garden goes in next weekend (this one is being spent helping Della move!) and the NEXT big project is ripping up the living and dining rooms' carpet and finishing the wood floors which lie beneath. I should have my head examined!!

"But, by the time I’m done, I expect to be totally over the Farmer. Completely, 100% over him."

uh huh. right.

I wish I had a CSA in my area. :( the closest one is over an hour away.

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