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May 02, 2008


It's not just the eyes. That 'tache has a mind of its own, too. Do you think a duck got its own back one day, or something? Just a thought.

Its amazing that you know so much about your family so many generations back. I'm jealous!

Zack looks like Daniel Plainview to me.

I couldn't help but think what an expensive undertaking that must've been (depending on where they lived) to cover a ham in salt, pepper and sugar.

Well, she certainly makes it sound simple! I wonder if I can get a smoke house on my balcony?

I'm dry curing what was an 18 lb ham right now. Salt, pepper and lard.

ntsc: You are my own personal hero.

Helen: Wouldn't that be nice. There's nothing like waking up to the smell of smoldering hickory chips.

Heather: Wow, he kinda does. I'm pretty sure they were rolling in the dough over there in Appalachia. Money was no object.

Sandicita: Most of this stuff I only know because my mom wrote it down before my great grandmother died. Go, Mom.

aforkfulofspaghetti: Anything is possible with ducks. (He had that mustache until the day he died.)

I absolutely love this site. The references to family....the way you tie it all in. Well done and thanks.

I do a lot of curing and smoking but have yet to try the Virginia style cure. I have read lot of information about it but it has all been a modern interpretation. This is the first time I have read it as passed down from someone who actually did it. I will be trying this soon.

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