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May 16, 2008


Makes me want to go a-courtin'! Should you really be talking about this when your 12-step program is struggling?

Andrea: I have a sword and a pistol by my side just in case!

I really love hearing about your forebears, Tammy. You're really lucky to have such a well-documented legacy. :)

I've never made apple butter, and though we have plenty of apple trees and way more apples than we can usually use, does that mean I have to wait until the end of summer for my kiss LOL!

I'm loving your blog.

Gillie: The rules have been updated since the 1900s. Last I read, if there's an apple anywhere in the near vicinity, that counts for a kiss. With tongue.

Heather: I just hope I don't piss off my dead ancestors too much. I'm easily spooked.

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