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May 30, 2008


Wow,I can't believe I missed that. That was pretty interesting and you sounded very intelligent. I do have to aggree with Mr.Donroe. Even with my CSA and local farmers market; no coffee, no beer - I'm headed south.

Don't sweat the hair. You did fine.

You were great!! I thought you looked wonderful, and the video was great as well, even if only my left hand managed to escape the cutting room floor. Oh well, how fleeting is fame!

Great job, Tammy! The hair looked just fine...and, really, who ISN'T excited about bacon?

The video keeps cutting out halfway through for me, but I thought you looked good! I would've believed you! I was waiting to hear if he really said "TheorTetically."

Oh, we're thrilled, Mr. Donroe and I. (That's Senor Cookiecrumb and me, just so ya know.)
Nice one! You are beautiful and intelligent, which I've always known. The hubz is OK too.
Very nice.
Composure! Eep.

Very fun seeing you, and I thought the piece turned out very well. (And if you hair looks that good without brushing, you need never brush it again!)

Kalyn: Okay, if you say so. No more brushing starting...now.

CC: If you're going to say such nice things, I'm not going to show you this stuff anymore.

Karen: Or if I had actually said "ecomomy." I wouldn't have put it past me.

Kim: And Codman Farm's bacon is really good, too.

Dad: Ah, but your lone hand had such *presence*! You never were one to hold my hair against me, even during my horrible teen hairspray phase.

Family Nutritionist: It's just hair. Who am I trying to impress, anyway?

Brenda: We became much more moderate after the extreme version of the experiment. I just wanted to see if it could be done. Now, I'd say we eat about 75% local, and I feel pretty good about that.

Those tomato plants fooled me. They were trees! Nice job. I missed the shot of your Dad's hand though.

You did really good! And I agree - if that hairdo is without brushing, you never need to brush again!

That's a really good movement with eating locally. We try to do that to, but here in Egypt the meet is never hanged and thus unedible unless you boil it for about four hours. So, we buy only imported meet, from Australia, unfortunately, but that is the only thing I can find. Except for pork which you can't find at all. So all bacon is carried by ourselves in suitcases.

What a cutie pre-schooler is!!! You did great Tammy. Loved it!

You did great! And it was cool to connect a face with the voice (or words, as the case may be).

Awesome! I'm having trouble understanding what's wrong with the hair though. Seriously, do you have 88 cowlicks standing up off the back of your head? No, I thought not. Therefore the hair is, um, perfect. I agree with your husband on the beer and coffee though.

I only have one "beef" with the CBS production. Max looks like a hooded homeless child that follows you around the farm and all the way to your dinner table. Looks like we might need to start a support group for Max and Dad, the one's they ignored...

Geesh~ I think you're just fishing for compliments. Pretty damn normal looking hair to me. The irony of highlightng a Boston family talking about keeping things local and then making it Oregon local news is NOt lost on me, no sirree.
I think the story was really well done too, you didn't come off compound or hippie crazies at all. Nice job CBS.

I came expecting a hideous troll with unruly hair...instead I found you looking mahvelous!

Great job Tammy ! Well done.

Loved it! Now I have a face to put with a name! Great piece... congrats!

Now you see what passes as news in our burg. Bizarre that it would air only in Eugene, given we're, um, a huge eat local/farming/survivalist community with a farmer's market every week and twice in the summer, but you looked terrific! And that tomato plant...fab. I liked it that they made it sound like you had just chanced upon the tomato plant in your back yard: wow, what's this? I think I'll try one of these! :)

The least you could have done for all of us devoted readers is let us know you're left-handed--it would have explained so much. But no, we had to find out like this. And oh my God, that hair!

That was pretty fantastic. Where is Dad's hand? I think that if your family had a cooking show, I'd watch it pretty religiously.

Tammy -
sorry I missed the live-reel! I totally get why it ran in Eugene, OR. Great job.
from a Boston-grown, Oregon-living, CSA loving, local-eating (sometimes), Tufts classmate turned blog-lurker since spring 2007.

That is SO FREAKING COOL! Thanks for sharing this with us. It was interesting for to see you and your family, it made me smile. You looked wonderful and man, Nathaniel is adoooorable.

And you are left-handed... nice catch Barry. No wonder you're so creative and funny. :P

Oh yeah, and the story was worthwhile too. ;)

Ohh that was just great. You looked lovely and they did a really good job on the filming. I have to agree with Sis though about the ironies of having a Boston locavore on local Oregon news.

I can see why you felt so terrible about the hair -- not what I remember from college at all.

I love the fact that they have you cooing about bacon.

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