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May 07, 2008


That's just beyond disturbing! And somewhat surprising that Isabella Rossellini would be a part of it (a BIG part). I guess it was informative too...

Wow. A whole different branch of the furries world. Who knew?

That is beyond disturbing and the bee one is hysterical! I'm not sure what to think of Isabella Rossellini anymore...

Uhm... I... nope. No words.

Except this: Don't watch Earthworm when you're eating.

Sandicita and Sarah: Not as disturbing as "Blue Velvet". You could even call it educational.

Wow, I feel like a celeb! Plus some hits on my lonely site after all this time... nice bonus!

My site is simply a repository of the things I've seen and thusly photographed. Right brain stuff.

The other hemisphere masquerades as the system administrator for a digital book publisher. No shortage of reading material around here. Lots of cookbooks, but they're generally not as entertaining as Tammy's blog.

(What a shameless plug!)

Thanks for the promo

Does anyone know where I might purchase that earthworm muff for my wife? It was stunning and her favorite color, to boot.

DocChuck: I hear Ann Taylor is having an awesome sale!

Tim: Oh, okay. I thought your web site might be a front for something else photography-oriented. Glad you cleared that up.

Family Nutritionist: I know I for one learned a few things. Like earthworms have a lot more fun than I thought.

NurseJen: Or the snail one.

Sarah: Isabella is as awesome as ever.

Ann: Thank goodness for the internet.

Sandicita: I'm not sure anyone else could pull it off.

uhm, horrified. Mouth open. I can't look at Isabella the same. Ever. ever. I mean, how do you take someone serious after seeing them lose their penus in another bee. Like a cork. with child-like cartoon animation. Deeply disurbed. Wishing I wasn't at work.

Tempered Woman: Hmmmm. Maybe my sense of humor is darker than I thought.

My worms are having babies and now I know how they're doing it - minus the big red lips.

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