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April 01, 2008


You totally need to do a walkoff, a la Zoolander! There's no way she can turn Left!

And anyways, her blog can't be as entertaining as yours. :)

The other Tammy seems blissfully unaware of the coming storm. She doesn't know you stole her entrée to the Globe!

F.N. -- That's where you're WRONG! I am totally aware of Tammy's challenge and I am UP for it!

Boston Food and Whine

PS - Pretty Neato: I can walk with the best of them! ;)

Uh, oh. There is some major smack flying around now. This could get ugly.

I can't wait!

How about Tamara...Debbie...Amy...will any of those work? Based on your self-proclaimed lack of competitive skills (other than inhaling frosting - EEW), you might want to at least consider a few possibilities.

Or, Amber...Candy...Crystal if you want to stick with the stripper names!

What about a non-country-fair Iron Chef type cookoff? Perhaps the reporter can play Chairman Kaga!

oh, I love the Iron Chef idea! What could be the secret ingredient? Maybe not squash.

or you could have an easter creme egg eat-off :)

Oh... I could easily win a Cadbury Creme Egg eatoff... those things are my favorite!

Let's go Tammy, what's it gonna be? :)

Oooo! How about Preschooler Deflection? Each participant must diffuse a difficult, potentially awkward question and answer session with said preschooler. Points given for style, speed, and food reference.

Points retracted for "look, a [zoo animal or cartoon reference]!"

Jess: That might have worked, except the Preschooler has formally denounced me for allegedly stripping. I wish he would stop using all those big words.

The Other Tammy: Easily win a Cadbury Creme Egg eat-off, you say? Never! I'm the Queen of Cadbury Creme Eggs. And I'm not sharing any of mine with you to find out. (BTW, how many do you have? And are they American or Canadian?)

Sunny12: You may be onto something with your two comments. Let's combine them into: Iron Chef cook-off with secret ingredient Cadbury Creme Eggs!!! Mmmmmm....

Helen: Excellent. I'm sure she'd be thrilled.

Andrea: Frankly, I've been looking for an excuse to change my name, anyway. I mean, who gives their kid a stripper's name?

Robert: Yes, Husband is anxiously standing by as well.

Family Nutritionist: Did you like how I did that? Totally stole her thunder in the Globe. Bet she didn't see that one coming!

Pretty Neato: A walk-off? Hmmmm, I don't know. Walking isn't really my strong suit.

Ooh... Interesting! I DO have a very difficutl 3-yo, so I'm up for that challenge as well!

I like Jess' suggestion of Preschooler Deflection.

But I'd like to propose a combination of the shots and cook-off ideas: the challenge of making a dessert that contains as much alcohol as possible, while still tasting good.

Adele: That is always a challenge, isn't it? How about a combination of Jess's and your ideas: create a delicious yet alcoholic dessert, and then try to keep the Preschoolers from eating it.

The Other Tammy: We're not differentiating ourselves very well. Both named Tammy. In the Boston area. Both moms. With food blogs. Who love Cadbury Creme eggs. We're practically clones.

I'm just saying, is this frosting buttercream or is it more lard based? Because I can totally support the inhalation of lard/flour-milk based frosting. But seriously, anything that's 90% sugar makes my teeth fall out.

I'm all for a blog-off, whoever gets carpal tunnel first has to change her name. To Steve.

Or go by 'George W. Mush' for the next 7 months.

Oh, look! Another moment in the sun:


Deanna: I just cannot agree to a contest where the loser has to be called "George W. Mush". Even though he IS a loser... I just couldn't stomach it (pun intended). He's just TOO awful.

Tammy: Yes, it seems that we are close to clones. What year were you born? I'm 1968. I'm pretty sure I was named after either the Gidget-like "Tammy" of 50's movie fame, Tammy Wynette OR the song "Tammy's in Love", written by Debbie Reynolds... FOR those Tammy movies.

In any case... do you despise your name as much as I do and curse your parents every night for naming you that?

The Other Tammy: I do, indeed. It's a lot to have to overcome. I know the Tammy song of which you speak, too. My dad would play the Andy Williams version of it all the time. But I seem to remember my Mom telling me that I was named after a ballerina (I'm sure it was a ballerina, not a stripper) who came to the door when my mom was pregnant with me circa 1973. Anyway, she was so dainty and pretty that my mom decided to name me after her (talk about counting your chickens before they hatch). Or maybe I just made this up in my head.

Deanna: Yeah, that would be the worst booby prize ever. Get it? Anyway, I like all kinds of frosting.

Tammy -- Are you sure this other Tammy isn't just the voices in your head again????

This could possibly work out. The loser changes her name and leaves town while the winner remains here as my daughter! BTW 'The Other Tammy', how are you at chocolate mousse cake, baklava and key lime pie?

Dad: This IS perfect. You'll get to have the daughter you always wanted, and I'll finally realize my dreams of quiet.

Kathy: That could totally be. Like Fight Club. Crap, I think I'm not supposed to be talking about Fight Club.

Yeah, right! Quiet with your two boys!! Good Luck!!

Challenge: the best Reuben. You'll win. Or is the Sauerkraut kaput?

Okay... Tammy's Dad: I'm not a huge baker. I am more into savory dishes, not to say I can't hold my own in the baking realm.

Family Nutritionist: Unfortunately, I would definitely lose the Reuben contest... as I don't eat red meat!

OK - a hot dog eating contest it is! :)

I've got your back, Tammy.

Hey, can we all just get along...I mean, after a naked wrestling match to the death in a wading pool filled with Nutella?

(Hint to Ms. Donroe: Hide a pistol in advance in the restroom, behind the toilet tank. Or does that suggestion constitute an ethnic slur?)

Hey, anyone notice we've never seen both Tammys in the same room...? I'm just sayin'

If suggestions are going to be combined it should totally be multiple laps of shots then preschooler deflection.

Otherwise, y'know, everybody wins in a Cadbury Creme Egg eating contest. Except maybe the janitor.

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