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April 07, 2008


Great flavours going on there - definitely my kind of soup!

We love mussels, too-- you can pretty much cook them with any base you've got handy and they'll be fabulous. Still, I think you'll be happier when your food romancing is a little closer to home. You don't fool me. :-)

That sounds amazing...I love mussels!

Well you could make your own chorizo in the style of Spanish, then it would be local.

I put this sausage in casings but there really isn't any reason to do so and if you have a butcher who will fresh grind pork for you then you don't even need a meat grinder.

I have a friend who recently got back from a trip to Spain, bearing large quantities of saffron. And I haven't eaten mussels in years.

Hmm. It may be soup time.

Have you ever been to PEI? It's worth a visit in the summer. And of course the Anne of Green Gables house is there along with no less than about 1 million Japanese tourists snapping pics.

Oh my goodness - this sounds delicious! Now I just need to find some mussels...

Ohh mussels and chorizo, I love it! And though my boyfriend doesn't like mussels, I could entice him with the chorizo. Or just eat it by myself and let him starve.

Robin: The soup itself is fantastic, even if he doesn't eat the mussels.

Rachel: Surely some mussels can be found in the Chesapeake Bay. Care for a swim?

Sunny12: I would LOVE to visit PEI along with Nova Scotia. I have Acadian ancestors from Cape Jack.

Adele: I do believe this soup is calling your name.

ntsc: I've always been of the mind that making sausage is one of those things I'm too lazy to do, but I've been wavering lately. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah: Then you will love this soup.

Ann: I can't hear you. La...la...la...la...

aforkfulofspaghetti: Yeah. This might be my favorite soup ever.

This soup was really really good. Especially so with a good piece of crusty bread. Tammy doesn't mention it, but both the toddler and preschooler ate this soup AND THE MUSSELS! And they asked for more....shocking!

This looks amazing. I just discovered how much I LOVE mussels so I know I would love this soup....oh if only I was back in Belgium.

I was just going to ask how the kids liked it. (Thanks Husband!) It does, indeed, sound yummy.

Seriously, how am I supposed to type when my keyboard is covered in drool?

And, hey, you have some competition in the sauerkraut business

Jess: The more sauerkraut, the better!

Sally: In a great tactical error, I twittered about the kids eating the mussels instead of blogging about it. I'm still working out the rules.

Hillary: I know. A big pile of Belgian fries on the side would have made this perfection.

Husband: Definitely a Twilight Zone kind of day. So now the Toddler eats bread, jam, and mussels. Our pediatrician will be so proud.

I love soup. I love chorizo. I love mussels. I need to make this.

and I agree, mussels > clams. except I have a soft spot for those really big new england stuffed clams my mom used to buy frozen when I lived in new hampshire. *memories*

this soup was wonderful! thanks for the recipe. you really can't go wrong with chorizo and mussels.

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