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April 28, 2008


"Sushi peas?"

Brilliant. (Though setting a bad example for the kids... not so brilliant.)

Am reading this at work and have to keep myself from laughing out loud, it's hilarious! Sushi peas - must remember that :)

Nevermind the sushi peas, holy baloney - "peas in the womb"!!!!


That is TOTALLY what they are.

Haaaa! Sushi peas? Peas in the womb? Your Dad is awesome.

Mine has a thing against raw vegetables too, especially spinach. But he has yet to come up with anything as clever womb/sushi spinach.

yes, what everyone else said. your dad cracks me up!

Hang tough Dad. You've earned the right to eat your peas any damn way you choose. (Old people can be crotchity you know.) (I probably mis-spelled that - and I don't care! ;p)

Thanks for all the support! I appreciate it! I do my best with Tammy but it isn't always easy. Now be honest, aren't posts about me more interesting then ones on asparagus and rutabaga?

Dad: Rutabaga, maybe. Asparagus, no.

Sally: Why did I know you'd be on his side?

Melissa, Lizzie, Lily VS, Inne: Be careful what you say. He's been looking for a replacement daughter for a long time.

Adele: You can bet the kids were taking careful notes during that whole conversation.

Technically, they're only sushi peas if you serve them with vinegared rice.

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