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April 17, 2008


Why do I have a feeling I’m going to get in trouble for this one?

This was, by far and away, the most hysterical post I've read anywhere. I now must go buy the book, and read along.
Thank You!!

I personally found this chapter to be incredibly disturbing. I think that the cows, as well as the rest of us, would be better off with cow busing. Free lawn mowing and no more living ankle-deep in filth.

We already have this in our neighborhood with the cow's close cousin, the white tailed deer.

It doesn't work, they don't want the grass I so thoughfuly spend money on watering and maintaining, they want the tulips, the leaves off the lilacs and other similar things.

If it was legal to take the d-mn-d things I wouldn't have to buy meat. Six or seven at a time in my back yard is common.

However all is not lost, one of the cats - Julia Child to be specific, has discovered that if she runs at one it will run from her as soon as she is seen. She seems to find this amusing.

*sigh* I'm going to get in trouble one of these days when I read your book review updates and can't stop snickering in class.

Bring 'em on! (the cows I mean). My very fru fru suburban lawn is on the way out anyway, best turned to pasture. I'm not sure I can finish the book until my meds are readjusted though.

Alecto: Can I have some, too? Meds, that is.

Adele: Let's hope your professor doesn't ask you to share what's so funny with the entire class. That would be so embarrassing. For you.

ntsc: I just think those deer don't want to get their asses kicked by the ghetto cows. Lay off the grass is the message the deer got. The pink stuff is all yours, but we're coming for the grass. And we've got a cat keeping an eye on you.

Sandicita: I found it disturbing as well. I have more to say about this chapter, but I had to get this very important post out of the way first.

Mary: This book's a laugh a minute. No, but actually he does have a good sense of humor that comes out here and there.

From someone who went to school in Boston during the bussing and who is now having major Pollan-induced food guilt - thank you - i have not laughed this hard in ages.

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