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April 10, 2008


I just embarassed myself at work again. Also, I think this might be kind of like range infidelity. You see, I married a Bluestar back in August and I've been, um, carrying on with it rather publicly ever since (the propane guy STILL doesn't understand why he has to make such frequent deliveries) and well, I, um, guess it would be best not to confess to my partner. That's all I'm sayin'.

Well, now that I've got my morning drool out of the way....

HOO BABY! *fanning myself*

did you see it in stainless? do you think my landlord will buy me one?! ahahah

NICE... Would match my kitchen perfectly!(I have Chinese-red walls)

Though, my DCS six-burner is nothing to poke fun at. :)

Hot and a little wet, to be honest! But now I have burner envy. I have a ceramic cooktop. I'm not averse to electric appliances, especially small, handheld ones. But sometimes a girl needs a little fire, yanno?

Kathy, I saw the stainless. I think I piddled a little...

NurseJen: Stainless, schmainless. If I had any balls at all, I'd get the yellow one. But, alas, I am without balls. And without $3,600. So, no red one, either.

Jess: So very well said.

Non-Bacon Tammy: Yes, a DCS is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Sure beats my Kenmore (it's gas, at least).

Kathy: Depends on the relationship you have with your landlord.

X2: It's always a thrill when you delurk!

Mary: Just helping everyone start their day out right.

Alecto: A Blue Star is a fine piece of machinery as well. Best you stay on his good side.

Food & Wine has this nasty habit of showing you things you'll never be able to acquire!

Vicki: I know. Damn them to hell.

oh man. oh man oh man oh man.

My wife got a 48" 8 burner for her silver aniversary, in stainless of course. She also got it 2 years early.

Since it won't fit where the stove already was, we just left that one in place and replaced the second stove we had already installed. We cook for two, of course we have 2 stoves. Well now we have three because the Kenmore is in the basement.

I have a hard on...and I'm a girl.

I want the one in stainless. Thanks for the porn.


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