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April 03, 2008


farmer sadness. *sigh*

but hey, fennel! I just posted about my very first meal with fennel. I didn't even know what it was before and we loved it. :) this looks wonderful, tammy. oh wait, I mean "bacon tammy."

must... resist... olives!

i will manage.

Do you know about Busa Farm in Lexington? I do their CSA, and I love those farmers at least as much as you love yours. You should totally add a link to them (http://www.busafarm.com/) to your list of local farms.

I will also pimp Chestnut Farms in Hardwick. I do their meat CSA, and wow, is everything they raise *delicious*! Plus, Farmer Kim is an absolute sweetheart. http://www.chestnutfarms.org/

any ideas on substitutions for the olives for people who don't like them? or should i just leave them out?

When I was young (on my 40th birthday actually) and foolish I walked all over Greece or I walked all over olives. Just lying there on the ground waiting to be smushed into purple juice (yep, they were all purple) or plucked from trees and marinated until perfect. The miles, oh the miles, just to step on those delectable squishy things. OK, we saw other things too.

No, no. If you're going for max food miles, the pineapple needs to come from Queensland, Australia.

Does the fennel still taste fennelly after you cook it?

I'm growing fennel again this year, but olives .... they will certainly keep me from ever becoming a locavore

Ah I love fennel. I thought about growing it myself this year, but I've heard it's really hard to grow. You make me wish I liked olives...

Mary: Not sure how hard fennel is to grow. For me, everything is hard to grow.

Family Nutritionist: Braising it like this really mellows the flavor a lot, and it kind of gets a sweet, caramelized onion quality about it. Not like raw fennel, which is licorice in vegetable form. I like it both ways, but I could see someone who didn't like it raw liking it cooked.

Adele: Queensland it is. Hey, is that where the Queensland Blue squash my farmer grows gets its name? (Step 3: Stop talking about the farmer.)

Alecto: That sounds lovely. I'll have to add "Trip to Greece to step on olives" to my list of things to do before I give up on life.

Beth: No love for olives? It seems you are in good company here. Just leave them out. I only started adding olives recently. Still yummy.

Leah: Thanks for the links! I will definitely add them.

Gillian: You are a strong and noble woman. Your farmer will be proud.

Melissa: Your dish looks awesome. I can see how adding sausage and pasta could further improve fennel.

Why oh why has the combination of olives and fennel never occurred to me? I must have eaten them together before - surely? This sounds yum. I once gave my nan an olive to try - her face was an absolute picture. Let's just say she didn't like it.....

this was crazy delicious! thanks again for such a yummy yummy dish.

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