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April 30, 2008


No, but I know one that looks pretty similar that you can smoke.

Maybe that's what she was trying to tell me. (She had a really big bag of it.)

I have a similar odd-looking-but-not-quite-that sprig growing in my chives (I planted the seeds in a planter box, so I have no idea how it got in there.) I wonder if it's the same thing (though by planter is nowhere near a river...) We have little Asian ladies here in NJ who pick dandelion greens in Veteran's park all the time.

Mugwort. Koreans harvest it, puree it, and mix it with glutinous rice flour to make a green herbal duk, the Korean version of mochi.

Only in the past few years have the Koreans in my area started to harvest and eat dandelion greens. Sometimes it just take education.

Ooh, bitter. In one of my favorite video games (Harvest Moon, a really cute farming sim), you can pick it wild in the winter.

Heh. Smoking it would seem to be the way forward.

I googled it. Smoking it is definitely the way to go.

Found your site from dooce's - just wanted to say hi!

Artemisia vulgaris is not called WORMWOOD for nothing.

I hope you are current on all your shots.

"But I persisted and shoved some of the dandelion greens into my mouth. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then I ran away."

But of course.

And Sis and Forkful already stole the obvious weed joke, so I guess I don't need to go there. ;)

Melissa: Sadly, I didn't even see the weed joke coming, so hell-bent was I on eating it.

DocChuck: Are you saying I’m going to have worms??? Excellent. That ought to keep the weight down when I finally give up on jogging.

ALF: Hiya. Thanks for stopping by!

Alecto: I'll set some aside for you.

Aforkfulofspaghetti: And you, and you, and you...

Heather: I had a hard time locating the info on that plant because plugging "bitter herb" into Google brings up every bitter herb on the planet (and there are quite a lot of them, it turns out). Does it go by another name?

Annie: I think you may be right about this:


Most of the pictures I could find were of older plants, which don't look exactly the same, but pretty damned close. Thanks for your help! You can bet I'll have a crumpled up shopping bag in my pocket for my next jog.

NurseJen: If that plant can grow anywhere near the Charles River, it can grow anywhere.

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