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April 09, 2008


Tammy - you're an absolute blast! I'll defend Americans in your honour ANYTIME. Thanks so much for the awesome comments.

yours in chocolate,


I think the Canadian one sounds cooler too. Oeuf Fondant sounds way better than Creme Egg. I wonder if they sell the big ones or the small ones in Windsor. It's not too far from here.

LOL and all that from the eggs we buy with petrol to keep kids quiet in the back of a car. I always get into trouble when I say that American chocolate tastes like candlewax to me and so I should because I've never actually eaten a candle and I might be doing beeswax an injustice. Go to http://www.hotelchocolat.com and click on the link to Easter eggs... now that's what they *should* be like!

Am I the only one on the planet that does not love the creme egg? If you ever have a mini egg showdown, please let me know. I am sure I could be talked into be a judge.

Oh... I am SO jealous! I am all out of my CCE stash already. I went to CVS to try to find more, but no luck. I need my fix soon!!!

Non-Bacon Tammy: Good luck finding any now. I went to no less than five stores the very day after Easter, and they were ripping down the Easter stuff like their lives depended on it. At my last stop, I went up to the stock boy at the Pleasant St. Stop & Shop in Watertown, grabbed him by the shirt, and shrieked, "Creme. Eggs." He calmly pointed to the end of the aisle. Without loosening my grip, I clarified, "Not. The. Orange. Ones." Again, he calmly pointed and there they were. He must see this all the time.

Kathy: I'm penciling it into next year's editorial calendar!

CaroB: Beeswax is officially pissed. It's way better than American chocolate. P.S. Those Hotel Chocolat eggs look pretty fancy, but why do I have a feeling there's no eggy goo inside.

Mary: Oh. I thought Canadians just didn't know how to spell.

Gillian: You'll be sorry next year when I demand that you send me 200.

Why must there be delectable chocolate posts on days that the PMS monster demands cocoa-satisfaction?

God hates me and doesn't want me to be happy. Clearly this is the reason.

Either way: Mmmmm Chocolate....

actually I can't stand the creme eggs either (even though I happily chomped down the two American ones sent my way). However I did just enjoy a peanut butter filled egg. Yum!

Scientific method... meh.

I admire your dedication.

Which makes me wonder - just what do they DO with all that left-over Easter candy that they couldn't sell? Is it shoved back on a shelf somewhere to be drug out next year? *shudder*

Um, so yeah, I guess size does matter huh.

I think that the reason American one taste so crap is because of the type of corn syrup they use. It's probably high fructose instead of plain old.

When I used to live in Ireland I lived on tea and Creme Eggs, oh and boxes of Black Magic.

I too tried to get some creme eggs the day after easter and could not get any. Did not think to manhandle a clerk. May try that next year.

hahaha this is hilarious! i have a sweet spot for creme eggs too - hope you don't mind that i linked to this post

Great post!

I just had some creme eggs (Canadian of course) sent to me by surprise in Korea. I have missed them soooo...

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