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April 21, 2008


For the record, I do not despise the Boston Marathon. It is a wonderful event and one of the few things in the city that brings everyone together. However, it is dreadfully boring to watch on TV. Like NASCAR, professional soccer, and the Oscars, I consider it unwatchable. The live version is somewhat better, especially with pretzel vendors.

Marathon picnicking? Now that's a sport I could get behind. Let me know where I should sign up.

Wow that looks good! That would almost convince me that the marathon was interesting! Almost...

Whatacard: What could possibly not be interesting about running in a straight line for hours at a time?

Adele: You and me, next year.

Husband: Yeah, yeah...

I brought the coffee cake to a brunch this weekend, and looked like a mad skillful baker. Tasty! The cardmon has a nice flavor.

What is that "white whole wheat flour" it called for? I've never heard of such a thing. In or out, is it whole wheat or not? I compromised with half whole wheat flour, half white, and a generous dash of wheat germ to fake people into thinking it was healthy.

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