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April 22, 2008


That sounds fantastic! I should make it to Russo's to see the new spring produce. Haven't been there in a while. I'm glad you didn't get sick!

Wow, you must really LOVE mushrooms to eat them regardless of the results! Very glad the result this time was just a good night's sleep. And they look absolutely delicious with the asparagus.

Heh. There you go. Fortune favours the brave and all that. Well done! Would have been a shame to see those morels again, after all...

Wow, all these food pictures...it's rough reading your blog! I saw morels at Whole Foods the other day and was tempted but ultimately passed them by. Now I wish I hadn't!

Shit. Dammit. I want some morels!! Sure, we have wild asparagus, but I want my morels!! Stupid Iowa. Stupid NORTHERN Iowa. Hrumph. And NO - we can't *buy* them at Fareway. Or anywhere. And why should we - they grow all over the place back home in the hills. I used to pick grocery sackfuls every May. Damn. Thanks a LOT Tammy.

Well the mushrooms are beautiful and I'm really glad you didn't get sick! And I wager on my intestines most days. :)

*sigh* I suspect it's finally time for me to give up reading blogs in class. It's one thing to stifle my laughter, but quite another to have to clean drool off my keyboard.

We had our first asparagus of the season last night - right out of the garden and into some olive oil in a pan. Yea, spring!

That's the best way to do morels, just fried in butter. I can't wait to pick some this year.

Yum! That looks delicious, and I'm really glad you didn't get sick.

I know Russo's and their weekend lines all too well; I'm glad you made it out in one piece!

Love your blog, BTW :)

Lizzie: I'm glad to meet you and your blog, too. My mom's gluten-free.

Brilynn: I remember your post about picking them last year. And I was insanely (INSANELY) jealous.

Andrea: Your own asparagus? Wow. I wish I didn't suck at gardening so much. I love asparagus roasted like that, too.

Adele: I'm starting to feel guilty about interfering with your education.

Mary: You just never know with intestines.

Sally: Sackfuls??? Holy crap. That would be the most delicious coma ever.

Whatacard: Go back. Right now.

Aforkfulofspaghetti: Definitely not as good the second time.

Inne: I'm just trying to slowly narrow the mushroom field so I don't have to go without all of them for the rest of my life. How sad would that be?

Sandicita: Russo's has been good to bridge the gap between CSA seasons. I saw rhubarb there, but I'm saving myself.

glad you made it through the night. ;)

I have never had morels. I knew what they were (morel is a fairly common "crossword word") but no clue on actual taste. I looked up what people think they taste like and saw a wide variety of descriptions. I guess I'll just have to try them myself. darn. :)

Aha! Now I know why when *I* went to Russo's today, there were no morels. It's because of *you.*

(Even so, I'm glad you got off vomit-free.)

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