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April 27, 2008


Was she, like, wearing a halter top and Bermudas?
You still win.

I knew it. did she keep her fingers off him?

I just love the caption!

Isn't actually TALKING to the farmer some kind of breach in the Farmer Eradication program? Your hubby needs to start working on intervention plans, maybe he can work through some talking points with your son. Ya know, in case you are ever put into this kind of situation again.

How ridiculous is it to ban SMOKING at a FARM?

My wife and I would never patronize a facility with such counterintuitive rules.

DocChuck: I can see that you and I share the same level of reading comprehension. Still, by all means, stay home. I don't need any more competition for the Farmer's attention.

Tempered Woman: I'm not trying to eradicate the Farmer, only the crush (an important distinction). And the scientists who put together this program say talking is definitely okay.

Sally: I'm sure Mr. Rogers would have approved of my behavior.

Ilva: Thankfully, yes. But you can never be too careful.

CC: What do I win?

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