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March 30, 2008


LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! God - I love your wit. Can I adopt you? TFF

The BBC's latest wildlife series started last night in the UK, it's about tigers - and in particular one tiger and her four cubs. After one hour of television (and the BBC doesn't have commercials here so that really was an hour), all five of them plus assorted leopards, honey bears, monkeys and a pangolin were fine (although a few deer bit the dust) but next Sunday I'm going to have tissues very close by as it can't last.

Man are you going to be in trouble when he figures it all out! You could have just said "sheep." :-)

I think I could swim remarkably far with a killer whale chasing me.
I think the saddest documentary I ever watched was about cheetahs and the mommy died and the three baby cheetahs were on their own. My husband came home to find his wife reduced to a sniffly mess by animal planet. Now I mostly just watch the dog shows.

Mary: Dog shows are safe. I'm afraid to bring the kids to swim classes now lest the YMCA unleash the killer whales!

Ann: Actually, I did say sheep and he seemed satisfied with that answer. For the moment.

CaroB: You're braver than I to watch such a thing!

Sally: You can work out the adoption arrangements with my dad.

Back in the day, during my "why?... why?...why?" stage of life, my step-grandmother told me:

"Honey, if God didn't want us to eat meat he wouldn't have made them so tasty. They're so delicious, even other animals eat each other."

If she'd known the word back then, I am sure she would have ended that sentence with "duh".

It explained a lot about those nature shows actually.

the planet earth series is my favorite thing ever on television and I do know the segment that you speak of. but then to be asked:

"Him: Where does lamb come from?"

ummm. ouch. O_o

Hubby and I watched that killer whale episode with complete horror - I'm sure we were both trying not to cry. At the time, we were doing serious battle with an ex business partner, and we took the message to heart. "The big fish eat the little fish" is now our mantra in business affairs (or the rich fish eat the poor fish, the powerful fish eat the powerless fish, you fill in the adjectives). Your kids aren't old enough to have to learn those lessons yet.

It was the elephants that wandered off in the wrong direction that got me. I haven't even finished to documentary yet {I've owned it for months} because I hate finding the story where nature takes a turn for the ... dead. Haven't seen the whale bit - will avoid!

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