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March 18, 2008


I have yet to make a scone I didn't like..I will definitely give these a try..though I could see how the maple flavor might be subtle..might just add it bit more..

I have some maple sugar....I might make these and dust the tops..hmm.

Although every time I try to make scones I end up with something more akin to biscuits. But I blame that on my being butter happy.

Oh! and just FYI: Don't try to make phyllo when there's a rowdy 11 month cat in the kitchen. Actually, it wasn't a half bad experience, but it's really not worth the hassle unless you're super bored. I'm sticking to phrozen phyllo. At least until I toss the cat into the oven..I mean..uh..Oops.

STOP THE CAT CRUELTY!!! Besides, baked cats really aren't that tasty.

But the maple scones sure sound it. I've been meaning to make scones, I've never made them before and always thought they were just sweetened up biscuits.

Scones! And maple-flavored, no less.

I think you've joined the Dark Side. Isn't it fun?

These sound delicious and just the ticket in case I don't make it to the sugar bush this weekend!

i love a scone, and i swear by the cook's illustrated recipe. but i've been hearing so many good things about the book you mentioned; i think i need to get my hands on it.

Michelle: It's a good one. And I love the style of photography. Thanks for stopping by!

Gillian: Hope you get to go, but these aren't a bad fallback plan.

Adele: I finally get to be with the cool kids.

Sunny12: They kind of are sweetened-up biscuits, which I guess would explain why I like them (as long as they're not too dry).

Deanna: I'm so impressed with your phyllo experiment. It's good to know that it's not worth the effort since that wasn't going to be happening in my kitchen anytime soon. (Feline apprentices are the worst; always sitting on the cookbooks and refusing to wear hairnets.)

Izzy's mama: Couldn't hurt!

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