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March 10, 2008


Oh my gosh that is so funny~ You should seriously think about framing that and selling them. I'm a sucker for funny signage. And I can totally imagine the confusion on the preschooler face- poor thing!

What will they do next? Shush his thirsty little crying? We all know how librarians like to shush. Fascists!!!

(I'm totally nabbing that picture, it's too funny!)

I don't know, I get a bit skeeved out about germs on drinking fountains. Probably due to the savages at my high school who would spit chewed chewing tobacco into the nozzle so the next person to use it would get a mouthful of chewing tobacco cooties.

Anyway, I think your preschooler's got the right idea: NO drinking!

Whatacard: Ew. Thanks.

Deanna: Probably. Anyone who understands the Dewey Decimal System is to be feared.

Tempered Woman: He's so eager to follow the rules, my heart just collapsed on itself.

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