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March 03, 2008


Tammy and the Farmer
Sitting in a tree
Discussing agri-sustainability

Real mature.

Winter CSA? Why oh why don't we have that around here..isn't it colder in Boston? How can those veggies be local? Are you sure that farmer hasn't been hoodwinking you?

Izzy's mama: No, I'd definitely remember it if there was any hoodwinking going on. Hoodwinking in the root cellar or anywhere else for that matter.

Fennel and Peas. Don't hurt yourself with that shopping cart, girl!

I'm just saying, there's definitely a pineapple, and maybe some broccoli, with your name on it. You can totally go crazy!!! Welcome back to the warm nest of perfectly shaped veggies...

Wow...life without CSAs really does suck. I feel so empty and alone now.

You know, you're a damn good photographer Tammy. I admire that in a person. How's the book coming?

Sally: Slowly. As for photography, I don't really think that's one of my talents, but I sure appreciate your saying so.

Deanna: You make a very good point. If I'm going to rebel, I should go all out. Consider that pineapple bought.

Oh, minty peas! How I love thee. I need to make this, that clenches it. Thanks, doll!

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